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Friday, July 20, 2012

Seven Quick Takes


"A" very recently accepted a new job as a principal for a Catholic school! It happens to be the school that I attended as a child. So we are very busy packing up and getting ready to move back to our hometown. I had intended to be blogging more, but things suddenly got very busy.


We are now finally embarking on the exciting journey of being homeowners. That is right, 8 years of marriage and four children, and we have yet to own a home. Contrary to popular belief, one does NOT need to own a house before having children. I have started a post on this subject; perhaps someday it will make it to publish.


So no, we won't be home schooling anymore. Our oldest is very excited to start school. She'll be in the same class with her cousin, who just happens to also be her bff. Plus, it sure is nice to be on the same page about everything with the principal at my children's school.

My son keeps trying to have a conversation with me about things that scare him in Veggie Tale movies. It is pretty hilarious, so I am going to stop here so I don't miss anything he is saying.  But I'll just publish this anyway.


Julie said...

Great to hear from you...even if only for 4 quick takes!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Glad you published! Congrats to A-what an awesome gig!

Amy Eichsteadt said...

This is an awesome post-- definitely sums up mommy-hood and all of the thoughts that pass and those we catch to post about. So excited for you guys and the new direction for your life. It is wonderful being close to family. Hope your house-hunting goes smoother than ours is ;) and hope that your move goes well. Look forward to hearing more!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

That's great about A's new job, congrats!

callmemama said...

Wow, congrats on the job and the big move!

Katie Rose said...

What wonderful news! We are so happy for you...and for us. Because, you know, you are moving a few degrees of latitude nearer to Texas and to our future farm. Can't wait for you all to visit one day.