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Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Takes: Doctor Who, Philology, Twins and Two Year Olds

My husband and the two oldest have left for school, and the four littles are asleep! I unexpectedly have a quiet house to myself!

And so of course I cannot think of anything to blog about. When I am busy during the day I think of all sorts of amusing-to-me things to blog, but when I sit down at the computer: nothing.

We'll give it a go anyway. I am sure topics will come to me as I go, right?

1. What is the deal with Doctor Who? I just do not understand the appeal. And looking in from the outside this should be the sort of thing that is right up my alley: campy, nerdy, rabid fanbase, fantasy, etc. Btw, I don't think it is Science Fiction as there is no mention of science except to say "that is not really magic, it is actually science". Okaaaay, but they never make an attempt to explain how the science works. I am not complaining about that; I think it is a good thing. Convincing scientific explanations for something mysterious in fiction are hard to do; remember midichlorians? ... Ugh, now I am upset thinking about midichlorians. A plea to Disney: Please don't break my heart.

2. Alright, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Doctor Who. Please, some one help me like this show. I spend a lot of hours breastfeeding, and I need some good tv to watch; I WANT to like Doctor Who. I have watched all of Series 1, and 2, and I am a couple episodes into three. I was just beginning to like 9 when they switched him to 10. 10 was fine, but then I was missing 9. Then they got rid of Rose, and I was all like, "well, who even cares now." I know they keep regenerating the Doctor and changing the companions, and I get inordinately attached to fictional characters, even ones in shows I don't particularly like. So now I have definite attachment issues; I know they'll be getting ride of the current characters anyway, so I've had to put up walls around my heart before I start liking 10 too much, because I know they are just going to turn him into 11.

3. Also, I don't think the show's campiness works well. I feel like I am watching Power Rangers, and I am way too old to have ever like Power Rangers. Please someone help me like this show, or else I am just going to to go back to watching The X-Files. Again.

4. I have been auditing a course on Philology and Tolkien, and I don't think I have felt this dumb since I took (and quickly dropped out of) Physics in college. I am glad I am just auditing the course because if I were taking it for credit I would fail. If I were back in my undergraduate days with all the time in the world on my hands (oh how I squandered that time!) then I would really enjoy studying Philology, and possibly would have majored in it (if that had been an option). Unfortunately, now I don't have the time, or brain power that I would need to understand half of what is going on my class. It is so hard for me!

5. When A and I were much younger we used to always say to each other about God "You can't trust Him, so all you can do is trust Him." What we meant was that one never knows what God is going to do with a life, which way it will it turn, so the only real option is to just trust that He knows what He is doing, and that it is all out of love for us. A prime example of this is the aforementioned Philology class. When we first married I was all signed up to go to graduate school to study medieval literature under this great medievalist and premiere Tolkien scholar. I ended up discerning that academe was not where I was called to be, so I gave up the dream. (My recent work in Philology shows me how providential this was!). Now here I am, nine years later, taking a course on Philology and Tolkien from the very that very same medievalist and Tolkien scholar! Isn't that crazy? hat is crazier is that he is retired now, so when I saw that he was offering a course in the graduate program I am in (though on hiatus, due to pregnancy/babies) I knew I had to at least audit the course, newborn twins or no newborn twins. And though I am thoroughly in over my head with this class, it just so fun to sit in on lectures with the professor I always dreamed about having, a dream I had long ago given up. There is God for you, "you can't trust Him, so all you can do is trust Him."

6. Hey, I have two sweet little twin babies! They sleep pretty darn well, so everything is going swimmingly here. Really. Have twins, so far, has not been this crazy, chaotic, horribleness that I had girded my loins for. It has been so fun, actually. I was never one to want twins, but now I feel bad that everyone doesn't get to have them. They are each just so darn sweet and cute; sometimes they hold hands, or try to suck on eachother's heads, and it just a delight to watch them be together. I almost feel like going and waking them up right now so we can hang out. Almost.

7. You know what is less fun? Having a two year old and an almost two year old. Ugh. it is defiance and in-fighting almost all day long with those two. So, I am well aware that the twins are going to turn on me soon...I have about 18 to 22 more months of sweetness before they figure out that they can say 'no' to everything. Of course by then my two terrors will be late 3 to 4 year old range, which might be one of my favorite stages, so it all balances out.

Now look at that: at first I couldn't think of anything to write and I ended up writing a whole lot. I think I spent most of my time writing about things that no one is interested in, but I am cool with that, just click away, my friends!

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Devin Rose said...

I also should like Dr. Who but never got into it. Same with Mystery Science Theater 3000. I convinced myself that I liked it but I never really did.

You and Katie are so similar about the old grad school/academia dreams! And I love the wisdom in the quote about not trusting God so you can only trust Him.

The twins look beautiful!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

So glad life with twins is awesome!

Ashley Anderson said...

Your boys are really cute! Love those big eyes.

Rosie said...

Look at those adorable boys! My twins slept almost nonstop until they were about 2 months old, which definitely made the transition easier, particularly with an emotionally immature 3yo and an emotionally mature 1.5yo going at it all day long! These days things are a little crazier but also a little easier because at least I'm not nursing the twins all day long anymore...

Julie said...

I always wanted twins until I babysat full time this past year for twins who were here from 3 months old to 10 months old. It was not the twins per se, it was more that I had a 3 year old girl, a 2 year old girl, a 1 year old girl and a 1 year old boy to deal with too...which meant NON STOP fighting all day long!

If you have Netflix, I have tons of shows I can recommend...

Diane said...

K, your posts make me so happy... it's almost like we're visiting again. :) I just can't wait to see those boys in some seasonal hats. ;)

Karey said...

Wow! I guess I really haven't checked blogs in a while! Congratulations, they are so GORGEOUS!!!

TheSurlyMermaid said...

Your little ones are adorable!!

I've been a "Doctor Who" fan for thirty years. My first Doctor was number three, Jon Pertwee.

I love the new show, and wish I could explain WHY you should be a fan. ;) I'll be interested to hear your thoughts if you make it to the 11th Doctor. His run is much more... whimsical.

Glad you posted a "Who" photo on Conversion Diary. That's how I found your 'blog. I'm enjoying it.


Jen said...

Can't help you at all with TV shows sadly. And I want to hear about your grad program! I assume you are doing this virtually and not actually driving anywhere to sit in on a lecture? Love the pic of the babies and glad they are so 'easy' right now. And almost two and three are making life quite chaotic right now and I am wondering how throwing a newborn into the mix in a month is going to be! Hugs to you all.

Caroline said...

Haha this is hysterical. I just found you thanks to the comment on my blog - thanks by the way - and I'm so glad I did. Seriously, what is up with the Dr. Who madness? One reason I deleted my Facebook was because I'd seen one too many "The Dr is in" memes.

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